September 4, 2013

Some photos from the recording session for “Songs of Psychic Fire Vol. 5” with Arrington de Dionyso and Graeme Smith- September 2nd at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Washington, photos by Calvin Johnson. 

Listen to this incendiary music at

February 6, 2012

awe, thanks guys. And you can order the actual finished records (they come with handpainted covers, too!) from


IT’S RIDICULOUS HOW COOL THIS IS!! (please make sure your head doesn’t explode) Arrington de Dionyso  (Old Time Religion, Malaikat dan Singa) demonstrates how he creates lathe-cut records (using plastic plates)—the raddest DIY project I’ve ever seen!

November 19, 2011
New Album of the Week!

Tantric Utopian TRANSMODERNIST Trance Punk Manifestos- !!! Lathe cut records recorded on 11.11.11 with Angelo Spencer and Ben Kapp, available for download if you want to hear the sounds, available for sale if you want the actual original record (and hand painted cover art).

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